About Me

I specialize in building clean, aesthetically pleasing, and functional iPhone and iPad apps. I am a freelance iOS developer who is familiar with both Swift and Objective-C, as well as a multitude of different libraries, both Apple's and third party. I'm comfortable working with Core Data, MapKit, Firebase, Cocoapods, and many others. I'm skilled in user interface design, and I have several apps published in the App Store.

What can I do for you?

You're looking for an app, I want to help. Maybe it's a great idea you have, or an extension of your online presence. Maybe you're a startup that needs a proof of concept, or you have an existing app that needs some updates or feature changes. These are some of the many ways I can provide value for you. Below are some of my best apps that show my dedication to creating great-looking and highly functional applications.

Simple Calories

This is a simple app for logging how many calories you consume each day. Creating this app required custom user interfaces and animations, as well as Core Data for saving the calorie history and providing the weekly average to the user.

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Cy-Woods App

I built this app several years ago for a high school as a mobile option to view grades. Additionally, it consolidates a lot of different information about the school into one location. Students can stay up to date with what's going on with notifications and announcements about school events and organizations. They can also keep track of their academics with detailed information about current grades, and notifications when new ones are added. Creating this app involved integration with a server and parsing websites for school and grade information. It reached the #1 spot in the education category of the App Store and made over $7,000 for the school.

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Shared Family Grocery List

This is a simple app for making a grocery list or to do list, and easily sharing it with family or roommates. Building this app involved custom user interface design and networking with Firebase to share lists between different users.

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Contact Me

Andrew Dennistoun
iOS developer in Objective-C and Swift
Location: Houston, Texas

Phone: 832-477-8082
Email: hello@appsbyandrew.com